Al di là dell’acqua | Beyond the water | Marco Rizzo

Al di là dell’acqua | Beyond the water | Marco Rizzo

Logline: The terrible mission of a girl, clashes with the coveted hope of a new life, combining madness and dreams on a bloody shore.
Synopsis: A girl sitting on the sand, waiting with a gun in her hands looking the sea. Something appears at the horizon: men, women, children try to swim to reach the seashore.

Production: Italian
Language: No
Subtitles: No
Format: 16/9 – Color/b&w
Time: Short 8:41min
Type: Fiction

Director: Marco Rizzo
Screenplay: Marco Rizzo
Producer: Giovanni Rizzo
Assistant: Marco Aliano
Editor: Marco Rizzo
Art Director: Paolo Rizzo
Supervisor: Marino Voltolina
Composer: Paper – LucyVinceYet
Phonic: Gianluca Busatto
Edit Assistant: Giorgia Zatta
Graphic: Patricia Alonso Arobba
Casting: Vitalba D’Aguanno, Marco Aliano, Marco Rizzo
Cast: Arianna Moro, Nicola Maghini, Tami Moretti, Sarah Signora, Vitalba D’Aguanno, Costanza Materassi, Matilde Iribhogbe, Louis Edward Iribhogbe

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